Even the terms are simple.

  1. We do not store or log your data for any longer than your use of this service— dweet.io is a messaging service, not a database. If you stop using dweet.io and the NSA comes looking for your data, we won’t know where to find it (and we wouldn't be lying).
  2. By default, all messages sent to dweet.io are public and can generally be seen and/or used by anyone. You can choose to make your data private by purchasing a lock.
  3. If you choose to lock your data and make it private, we will not willingly view, share or sell that private data to anyone. Your data is your data. Period.
  4. We do reserve the right to collect aggregate meta-data into generalized and anonymized reports for ourselves and the public or to make the service better. Again, nothing private is ever shared.
  5. While not likely, if the dweet.io service permanently ceases business operations and a suitable replacement is not offered, dweet.io will make an open sourced version available to the public. In other words... we won’t leave you hangin'.
  6. We do not guarantee or warrant the operation or use of this service in any way— just like everyone else. But at least we say it in plain english.
If you have any other questions or are interested in enterprise-grade SLA's, please contact hello@dweet.io.