Locks are now part of dweetPro!

In response to customer demand, we have added a number of new, enterprise-strength features to dweet.io and packaged it under a new name (and URL) - dweetPro™. Locks form the basis for all the new capabilities,so we moved them too. Please go check it out!

If you are a current lock holder, you can use your locks as normal. See the documentation below.

Buy Locks with dweetPro

To purchase a new lock, please use our new dweetProâ„¢ management portal.

The dweetPro portal gives you access to an extended API set, alerts and notifications, 30 day unlimited data storage, and device and lock management user interface.

Manage Your Locks

To cancel an old lock or for any additional assistance, please send an email to hello@dweet.io

Use Your Locks

Locking your thing via the web API:
From now on, your thing can only be accessed with your unique key.
To access a locked thing, just pass a parameter called key to any API call, for example:



To unlock a thing:
To remove a lock (no matter what it's connected to):